Second Life

Hey guys recently I made an account on Second Life and was trying wanting to build something. Well after spending a while looking for land my friend let me build on his. Except guess what the building program sucks. I have Prim.Blend and then I got a great idea. You guys should make an account on second life download it and we should buy some land and make a tower with the blender logo and blenderartists logo. In the tower we can put some of our work for all to see. I suck at building right now because I just got started but it would be great if you guys could help me. I think this would not only promote blender and but it would be quite fun.

Lalala I am working on getting some land BTW for the tower

i dont get what this post is about yet

He wants to get somebody “else” to make in SL a tower in Blender so people can showcase there artwork there.

Two problems:

  1. SL sucks ( furry-mania :frowning: )
  2. Art theft right ahead, Captain!

…that hurt
Forget it then god all my ideas suck.