Second model: chain lamp

I finally decided to do some modelling in blender, after playing with it every so often over the past several years. I made my first complete model over the weekend. It is a lamp (click here) which was actually made in Wings 3d and then imported into blender. This time I want to do 100% blender.

When I made the cord for my first lamp I came up with the idea making a lamp hanging from the ceilling by a chain. I then want to incorperate the lamp into a complete scene (my first scene :slight_smile: ), but that is way down the road and for another thread maybe (Hopefully school won’t get in the way. Only one more semester :D). Any ways, since this is only my second model I might be asking some stupid questions, but then again there is no such thing as a stupid question, right :wink: ? Here is what I have so far. Tell me what you think. Don’t hessitate to tell me if something looks bad, and feel free to give tips because I need them :smiley: .

Thanks again,

Nice model. I think the neck of the lamp should have a more visible hinge at that joint.

Thanks for th comments RetroJ. Unfortunently I consider the desk lamp to be finished so I won’t be changing anything on that one :|, at least any time soon.

Well, day two of working on the lamp, which has kind of turned into a chandalier of candles, is completed. I have done half of the arms for the lamp and will add the other arems next time, for a total of 16 candles %| ( I might reduce the number of arms if it starts to look crowded). Again the arms were made in a similar fashion as the links for the chain. Here is what I have done.

I will probably not be able to work on it tommorow bacause I have faimly comming into town :slight_smile: .

Again any comments/suggestions are welcome,

Nice work on the chandelier (sp?), its looking pretty nice :slight_smile: .

You might already know but once your done with the arms, you should convert the curves to meshes and close off the ends.

good luck with the project!

zdk1: I will do that when I have all of the arms done. When you say close them off you mean make them into a point, which is what I was thinking of doing.

Looks pretty nice so far, keep it going.

Couple of thoughts…

(1) If this is a goose-neck lamp, you need to explicitly show the goose-neck material. If you prefer to build a universal-joint instead, go for it. But there has to be some plausible explanation for how the lamp is able to bend there.

(2) The various cylinders should be smooth, not faceted. This needs to be done consistently for all the (many) cylindrical surfaces.

(3) Is it turned on, or off? Good idea if it’s turned on, and don’t forget the heat-vents that usually are found on the top. This will also give the viewer “something to look at,” so he won’t examine every square inch looking for faults.

sundialsvc4: I really don’t know what kind of desklamp it is. I was thinking about improving it after I figured out how to use paths and such, but since I originally made it from a cylinder mesh, it does not lend to editing very easily (at least for me since I am new to it). I had a hard time tring to get the cylinders smooth. I tried the Set Smooth button and that helped some but not enough. How would you go about smoothing something like that? Would you subdivide the mesh alot or what?

As for the hanging chandelier, I have done some more work on it. I have added the rest of the arms to it bringing the total number up to 16 (If I counted correctly), but I am worried that all of those arms might make the picture too buisy. Please let me know what you think.

Following zdk1’s suggestion, I am going to close off the ends of the arms after I finish placeing/editing them. Also I added a band to “hold” the arms up against the cylinder. Here is the update.

The next step I guess is to model the candles. I really do not know how I am going to approch modeling them so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

Also, thankyou Kansas_15 for the encouragement. I do appreciate it.

Again, I appreciate your comments/suggestions,