Second Movie Ever

This is my second attempt at a movie. The more I do this work the more I realize how much more I need to learn. For this one, I used a lot of linking and learned that short cutting modeling and rigging just doesn’t work. Hope you enjoy. Will go on learning some more. Thanks to all that helped out when I got stuck.

Deleted to be reworked!


Alright, I had to take a look at the video twice. Compared to the first on you did, I realize that there isn’t a lot of improvement.

This is a summary of the things I notice on the Golf Instructor video. First of all, the editing of the clips for the video are bad. There were a couple of abrupt cutaways from the time-line of 00:08, 00:10, 1:55, 2:00, 2:49, 2:59, and 3:58. You need to make the clips mesh together if you are going to go into editing the clips. Also at the 20 second mark, there was no need for a transition unless you were moving to a different scene

The animation, just like the last video, is slow. The body movement was stiff and the facial topology needs work. There was a sudden hand jump on the 1:10 mark. Even at the end of the video, where everybody is walking, it looks like that they were skating on ice.

The lighting is too dark for it to be a daytime scene.

Also on the golf club that the gopher was holding, the texture was flickering. That is because the club is suffering from Z-Fighting. Is there a reason why the frogs front legs are somewhat studded?

There is a nice family of cartoon characters over at BlendSwap which you might use to learn how to animate. I’d also suggest you try shorter videos at first. Your attempts at longer videos really suffer from a lack of polish. You might consider getting a copy of the Blender Animation Toolkit.

Thanks for the time to review this for me. I’ll certainly take this to heart.