Second (or third) attempt at a head, now with body

This is my second or third attempt at a human head.Or any head. Anyway, C&C is apprectiated. Thank you!

It’s an Asgard/Human hybrid…

Seriously though, it’s a great start. I would pull the brows out a bit and give the eyes some eyelids, or pull back the deeper parts more to emphisize them more. Where the nose meets the forhead needs to go in a bit at the brow line, and then smooth the forhead a bit. The ears look like they could be rotate forward a bit on the z-axis. And your missing the “Y” ripple in the ear it’s self. There is also an abnormal bluge behind the ear, at least on the left side that you could smooth down a bit towards the neck/sholders. Looking good!!

You have a very good start, so I know you can do meshing. Now, it is a matter of serious tweaking and adjusting. Don’t be surprised or ashamed to spend many hours in doing this. The head is a real challenge.

Keep us posted with updates.

Here’s a body that I made and attached it to the head.

I think her(I guess…) butt’s too big, but that’s how big the reference’s butt is.

P.S. I am using the Joan of Arc tutorial(on the head and most of the body), just so you don’t get me mixed up with any good modellers.

Looking good keep at it!! :smiley:

Some guys like a girl with a big butt you know :wink:

Now with a shirt!

If you want a bigger picture just say so and I’ll do it. I’m trying softbody, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

I have the shirt with softbody on, gravity on 9.8, with “Use Goal” on. The vertex group I’m using covers the whole shirt and with a whiegt of 0. Deflection is on for the body, but the shirt just falls through.

Any ideas?

Never worked with softbodies, yet, but I have a small crit on the shirt, the sleeves, the upper part could come down more on the arms so that the line is perpendicular to the arm. And I have one question, is this a boy or a girl? :slight_smile: Keep it up, it’s progressing nicely.