Second pass at my first ever WIP! :)

(Vidigiani) #1

This is my second pass at my first WIP. Thank you to those who replied the first time around. I ended up completely rebuilding my model because it was disproportionate. I also added relfections and fixed up the background per your suggestions.

Please let me know what you think, and thanks for the feedback!

(Vidigiani) #2

Thanks goes to BgDM for suggesting I render it larger and then shrink it down to get rid of some alias artifacts. I had the OSA all the way at 16 and still got artifacts :(. I also blurred it just a tad while it was larger so that it softened the edges a bit.

(Vidigiani) #3

A slightly darker version, since my wife said my sunglasses looked like bifocals :(.

(BgDM) #4

Vidigiani: Great job man! Looks much better than the first one. Glad my tute and suggestions helped. Keep 'em comin.


(S68) #5


Reflections on the glasses makes them much more real

Now you can concentrate on little details:

Nosepieces: thos tiny pads which makes the glasses rest on the nose. Unless it is for the angle of the camera I’d bet there are none.

Deatils in the side joints, maybe a screw.

Keep blending


(blengine) #6

wow really nice, very very smooth model, and a great reflection

(Vidigiani) #7

Hey guys, thanks again for all your feedback! I am posting my last attempt at the glasses complete with screws (two at each joint like on my oakley’s) and nose pads… I also learned how to convert nurbs curves to a mesh even when they were modified with a lattice.

I think this is my last shot at it since I am kind of getting burnt out on the glasses :stuck_out_tongue: But please write any comments you have so I can take a better stab at my next project.

(BgDM) #8

Vidigiani: Looks really good with the extra little things added. Only crit would eb to turn down the energy of the Hemi to about 0.75-0.8. Too much light in the image. I Need those sunglasses to get rid of the glare from my screen (j/k) :wink: . But definitely turn the enrgy down a bit.

Keep 'em comin man. Much better than first stuff.


(S68) #9


what’s your next project then?


(Vidigiani) #10

Hehe I am waiting for inspiration to strike :stuck_out_tongue: If it doesn’t then I will probably model either a Lamborghini Diablo or a Curtiss P-40 (an old figher plane).

I used to do somewhat aweful Lamborghini Diablos in Milkshape3d… but blenders features should make it a lot easier :slight_smile: