Second space ship for a MMORPG

Hi everybody,
this is the little ugly shuttle the player should get when start a sci fi game.
It is still a WIP, but I don’t need to detail the model and texture too much 'cause it will be rendered very small.
What do you thing at this stage?


awesome!!! I like the textures very much! The cockpit could be a little more “pointed” and streamlined, but that’s just a matter of taste. very well done! CAn’t wait to see the game!


Yep, the ship could be better, but unfortunately I’m not so good in design:(

The link of the game will be:


That’s fine. You’re about at the same level of modelling that I am currently at… but your textures kick! Is there a way that we (I) could see the rear? Engine and back, I mean. Once again: I like the design. However, is that panel in the center of the ship, the one with the lights, is that a hatch or external systems? Would that be an easy target to disable the ship? Ah… never mind the technicalities. Great work!

yes id like to see the ship from the rear side as well, you asked what else to do… different color themes for the ship? just use your imagination, space is a big bowl of fantasy for us still as we haven’t been very far out there now have we, allso you can check out for some inspiration as your game seems to be something of the same style.

Ok the rear.
I didn’t fix the texture of the engines as in the game they won’t be visible:D

Ah, the game is an “alexwells” project


I should add some decals…you are right

Awesome!!! The rear looks really cool. You can probably fix some nice intro-movies with that ship if the game is only top-down style. Fantastic!

But I do agree with Felix. It needs some markings on it referring it to who it belongs to. You know… rogue squadron from Star Wars had the distinct red curve and red tips… maybe the same here?

I still love the shape of that thing…


little up of the glasses
Thanks guys


I like the slight transparency of the cockpit!


okay, i’ve noticed a major problem with the ship here. i don’t mean to sound harsh or anything, but this thing is ridiculously heavily armed for a shuttlecraft. if its really a shuttle, there’s not too much reason for it to be so heavily armed. Your modelling and texturing is great. Look at the Lambda-class shuttle from Star Wars for what I mean. even those are kind of on the heavy side of armament for shuttlecraft, but that’s because a lot of them are modified for combat, and they only have 2 guns. 6 seems a little excessive.
Sorry if i sound harsh, i definitely don’t want to flame your work, because its great, i’m just thinking from a balance standpoint.

-XrQLz :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it is a precationary defense. If starships are being destroyed quickly, or they’re running out of options, why not take some spare weapons in the hangar and refit an older shuttle? It’s perfectly logical if the defenders are being stretched… but then again, who am I to make the storyline.

I like the weapons. Makes it a more dangerous ally.


that’s the model without texture.
I’will think about weapons and decals. I think that you are right. maybe it has to much gun.
Happy Easter