second test on modeling with blender

This is my second attempt to do a model with blender. And once you find the way to do what you want blender start to be confortable.Everything is done with 3 functions mainly. the subdivide modifier the edge loop and the extrude. And of course some tweaking (the new sculpt brush is really good at that).I will try to texture it into blender too…
by the way thanks to all the peoples that give some helps to newbee.

Yes… 2nd attempt of course…

Nice model though… the ear looks sort of strange (might just be me) but other than that it looks pretty cool.
Also is he/she jewish? There looks like there is the model of a jewish type hat on the back of his/her head.

I did try to work on blender before, but i have to say that the widget for moving things help me a lot to give it a real try. I still have to work on this model, the ears are a bit too thick. and for the head it s the bone under the skin. But I start it this morning and i m quite happy with the result. The first time i start on blender to model i was stuck all the time, because i was searching some tools.And once i get them i find that they don t beahave as i expected. But now it s ok, i think i could model what i need, with may be more time than with maya, but it s ok.I hope that in the next releases nurbs or bezier tool will be improve.Is there no plan to include nurbana into blender?
I m usually working with maya. and i m teaching maya too. But i can t afford to buy new license each six month so as to be up to date. So I plan to move to blender.

Fair enough, I should have asked whether you had any previous experience with other 3D software.