Second type of animation

Is their a second way of animating in blender besides armature I saw a system before which seemed like balls and strings attached to models i’ve seen them a while a go in a couple of developers documentaries but they were often using maya or max. I’ve also seen it used in big buck bunny to animate buck does anyone know the name of this animation style

i don’t know much about animation, but there are shapekeys, hooks, lattices, and mesh deform, as well as armatures.

The feature you’re after is likely Inverse Kinematics, but I’m not sure.

Also, bones can be represented by mesh objects to make them easier to see and select, which may account for some rigs not looking like armatures at all.

thx spacetug i’ve never heard of latices before they seem intresting

thx raiderium i’ll have to look into inverse kinematics and it probably was another mesh they were using deform the armature i guess that would make sense

thx for the quick replies

those “strings” or sticks are just a different visual style for the armature. it’s optional but it remains only an armature. :wink: