secondary animation

Hi - I’m looking for some tutorials on how to incorporate secondary animation. Things like: antennae shaking, whiskers wiggling, fat jiggling, etc. I assume it would use some sort of soft body setup.

Any help/direction is always appreciated.

well, it’s easy: just animate it! Some things you can make a soft body & let the CPU do all the fun stuff, but it really is the same as animating anything else: you set your keyframes how you want. You can select curves in the IPO window & change curves to always repeat if you wanted too.

I suppose you could keyframe it like anything else, if you wanted it to look like crap.

But I’m sure Blender is smart enough to apply damping and all that other good stuff that would make it look realistic - which is what I’m after. I just need to figure out how.

it’s better to key frame it so it DOESN’T look like crap :wink:

soft bodies don’t hold the volume of the model. ie - it’s better not to use them for things like antennae etc
because they will always fold in on themselves

for most things it’s easier (and better) to control things by hand - so that it does what you want, when you want

Check out the BBB character rigs for how they set up tails, fat, ears etc

Maybe a soft body solution isn’t the one I’m looking for. I just threw that out as a guess. But even back in my Dark Times (using Lightwave :(), there was a way you could add physics to a bone so that it would react (read: bounce and recover) to any action from it’s parent.

I know that Blender can control: mass, stiffness, speed values, etc. This is what I want to apply to, for example, antennae bones. No hand keying, just adjust the parameters accordingly.

For what it’s worth, on page 139 of ‘Bounce, Splash, and Tumble’ Mullen says:
“One of the primary uses of soft bodies is to create bouncing, jiggling effects that would be difficult or impossible to key by hand.”

just sayin’

2.5 offers up a new feature set for secondary animation. It is modifiers for fcurves. That way you can specify the main animation with keyframes and then add a modifier to the curve to add secondary animation automatically. Because most parameters are animatible in 2.5, it can be used in most situations.

That sounds perfect. Still waiting for Alpha 1.

Don’t wait, just use the latest from

HAHA!! Alright, Bro. Even tho I was just getting comfortable with all the rigging and skinning goodness with 2.49. :o


Atom, could you please point out which modifier would give a starting point for a squash/bounce effect ?
I’m trying to accomplish something like this : Thanks