SecondLife Style blender ui ?

Has anyone ever made a version of blender that was a server, that hosted remote “viewports” that were giving privileges to collaboratively manipulate a scene?

I have seen “BlenderVerse” and “SecondLife”

But a blender based, open source collaborative engine with a change tracker, and team management software integrated in would be amazing,

I learn by tinkering trying to do what I am thinking about, I get stuck and ask for help.

In secondlife I learned scripting (It’s very limited but entertaining nonetheless)

The experience was amazing,

Could you imagine a virtual park full of people, working on blender scenes or games or anything?

Like your player could spawn a 2d plane in “game” and open a copy of blender on the surface of the plane
, and it’s output model with code is spit out the other side? (I know sort of “tronish”) and out jumps a low poly motorcycle coded for the game engine your playing in?

Is there something like this? with SCA logic?
If not can you imagine the teaching potential?


collaborative blending for movies, games, or even “tests”

Oh that’s an easy question. No.

Whenever I see headlines like that, I can’t help thinking:

MacPro Style Blender Manual?

PhotoShop Style Blender Manual?

Final Cut Pro Style Blender Manual?

MS Word Style Blender Manual?


What would be the purpose of turning Blender, a 3D app. into a game where you do actual productivity work on a virtual surface?

A 3D app. is a whole lot more complex than Minecraft or Second-Life, so you can’t just turn Blender into some sort of collaborative MMO without losing the reason why people use Blender in the first place, and that is to animate, create 3D art, create game assets, create games, ect…

But Reality is Broken!

I’ve already started something similar (see sig). I’m still preparing it for release by the end of this month. So far I can move objects seamlessly between screens to create a single 3D environment by serializing them. I save the live game engine properties alongside with the blend file (all objects in my 3D environment originate from a blend file). And I’ve attempted to create portals where you can see the other BGE environment but I can only do a few FPS due to bandwith; it’s quite trippy :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow, creating a 3D interface would be pointless unless it provides a relative advantage over current UI’s/technology. In addition, creating a 3D interface that is advantageous over a normal 2D interface requires a fundamental change in the way we program/think and use applications. We still have no suitable realworld device for manipulating 3D objects in all 3 axes in the digital world, except maybe for 3D mice. Gesture is coming but currently it is still inaccurate for tracking fingers, and gorilla arm is a major issue.

I have thought of using the BGE to make a 3D user-interface for Blender but that is much further down the road. The problem I just posed needs to be solved first before making any sort of 3D user-interface, let alone for a 3D program like Blender. There’s a reason why SecondLife, BlenderVerse, Opensim and all these virtual online collaborative worlds haven’t really taken off - they’re relatively useless for any serious work.

I agree, the servers themselves are “public”

what I am proposing is “private” servers so serious developers can collaberate in real time,

so let me say something- the frontend - the “avatars and 3d space” will be in a game engine,

The “planes” assets will be screen cap from a buffer from your blender viewport,

so you could sit next to someone, open a copy of blender(on your PC) and stream your viewport to others)

then after making content in front of them (teaching)

you could import the asset into the engine for inspection, or for actual gameplay testing.

I know it sounds far fetched, but blender can be on another thread series then the “game frontend”

I have 8 cores, and the BGE does not even barely register a blip on them, (although my gpu is down at the moment)

I don’t think this is getting the attention it deserves, because most people have never animated right next to a pro, and learned more in 15 minutes then in a whole year.

Think about teaching classes and charging money,

think about not charging…

Think about teaching physics?

The possibilities are endless.

this would not require much editing of blender it’self, as your just streaming it’s output and grabbing files it’s dumped,

While would there even be need to implement a 3D world so people can show what they have in their copy of Blender to other’s, wouldn’t it be better to just cut out all of the 3D world with avatars and plane primitives and just do some online synching system like the Verse project tried to do?

You’d basically have an online synching system so that every edit to the project shows up on everyone else’s screens (not on everyone else’s plane primitive with a texture of the screen), combine this with a separate online communication system and you have your collaborative project. Doing the communication via avatars and a 3D world is a bit much and simply would not be needed or desired by professionals who just want to do things efficiently.

the “avatars” would be “props” to show where a “camera” is, that can be in “fly” or in “Fps” mode with clipping (in secondlife I was a tiny little spider :D)

also, is IRC written in python or? like miniircd?

To ask something like this seems to be an indication that you don’t have a lot of knowledge about the different types of programming languages and why some are used instead of others. I don’t want what the IRC chat application is programmed in, but last I read you don’t see a lot of Python use for web technologies.

Why exactly would people want to use a second life interface for collaborative scene building if they can just synch multiple copies of Blender together and use IRC as communication, you can’t just make everything work like an MMO or like Minecraft and it’s not how any other app. works.

I am talking about for the future of design and education,

things change over time,

things get easier if we make them that way,

teaching a class of thirty kids to understand physics using blender may not be your goal, but I think it should be.
If we can make blender have a “CoBlender” branch, then the rate of true education can explode.

Imagine unlimited resources to display data in 3d in real time, and answer questions, and that every lesson you taught could be expanded upon later.

I teach my daughter, who is autistic using blender,

A Red Cube !

A yellow Triangle!

this is very basic…

but you could teach pretty much anything with interactive elements, that bring data into our world…

One thing needs to be said here, Blender is primarily a 3D content creation and rendering app. There is currently no real priority right now to add social and built-in avatar/chat features and there is no known commercial app that does that. If you really want to use Blender as an educational app. then you already know that there’s a built in game engine which you can build an educational project with.

Blender is not meant to be played like a game, it’s an app. for working on projects, turning it into a game while keeping all existing ability to make the pieces seen in the Finished Projects and Animation forum is simply not that feasible.

Ok, I need some help, paid help to do this if all goes well.

The money will be distributed through paypal. 1/4 up front
and 1/4 with each phase of production, with deadlines.

I have a contributor that would like to remain nameless,

I will get the scope of function and the expected time to completion done,

in the mean time, can anyone point me to anything like this that has been tried before?

the ideal candidate will need C++ C# and python and html skills, as well as understanding the underpinnings of blender.

this “single contributor” also recommended I launch a kickstarter to get more funding.

Anyone know anyone who is a master of computer science, that would like to write a collaborative/educational simulation??

Any hole poking in the plan would be good now.

Server size - max 64 users - more ? less?

Server permissions and change log - how far back in time could this go? would it be better to have a global change log, or one associated with each user?

Security concerns - Keeping communications encrypted was a big concern for the client. is this doable?

If we are going to give away the software, yet it remain foolproof, each server needs unique login information,

I know we will be building it on the BGE, but we may end up cutting out old clutter, is there already a “modernized” BGE source out there somewhere that someone has been working on?

The financier of the operation will not move forward until I can assure them that this is possible, and I told them I will investigate.

until I have a list of people willing to go ahead, I can’t write a good kickstarter campaign, which I may also need help with, (anyone a pro at packaging a kickstart?)

All work done in the project will be GPL.

ui threads are awesome!

I can stand some crazy discussions, but this one? How doesn’t this thread get closed? This doesn’t make blender any good.

My idea of where blender can go in a branch, is not yours,

Close your own threads?

Contribute, poke LEGITIMATE holes in idea,

or move along, nothing to see here,

20 people on a team, in the same virtual space = much less time to production.

Yeh, time for some bluntness…

That’s the thing, you got an idea, not a very good one by my judgement, but no plan.
You talk gibberish about unnecessary details at this point, without even eliminating project critical issues and I already see quite a few.
Before planning a project, one should really learn how to plan a project.

I just see an unhealthy amount of enthusiasm of a Blender fanatic, trying to make Blender a cromulent everything.

So all holding you back are basically the minor issues of:
Software engineer(s).
Software architect(s).
Someone able to write a proper project plan (bluntly said I doubt you can do that, you can’t even post a whole sentence) check the critical issues and lay out a design.
A server expert.
A security expert.
A database expert.
Someone familiar with Blenders codebase, especially the BGE.

You know what happens to trains with full speed and no driver?
And who would want to be passenger in such a train?

You seem to be a bright person, enthusiastic, maybe visionary, but a dreamer and whatever is going on in your mind isn’t arriving here in the real world. Maybe work on that first.
Your posts generally read like the average 10 year old boy going to make World of Warcraft 2 just in time for Christmas sales.

these are all the things I just asked about,
Software engineer(s).
Software architect(s).
Someone able to write a proper project plan (bluntly said I doubt you can do that, you can’t even post a whole sentence) check the critical issues and lay out a design.
A server expert.
A security expert.
A database expert.
Someone familiar with Blenders codebase, especially the BGE.

I was thinking one person who was a great coder could do most of it,
and as I said, I am looking at getting funded, but all of these holes I need to plug.

Should I not be enthusiastic?
I actually see this or something like it, teaching everyone who wants to learn, for free.

Combine this idea with wireless ad hoc networking and both education and communication could be free.

Do you think the world could stand a better education system? what may happen if people start working together?

From what I see… the future could be brighter with such a tool.

and yes my writing style is a bit odd,

I have dyslexia and have trouble with clusters of words.

I also have aspergers and adhd…

I know I am not a leader, I am just a guy that wants something to happen,

But I am not the only one.

I know the thing I am asking is hard, and out of my personal league, that is why I am trying to get help EVEN writing the kickstart.

Insults are great, they prove that it’s not the idea you don’t like…
and if you think enthusiasm is weakness…

Watch out as some enthusiastic kid is going to probably change the world, as long as you don’t troll them until they give up.

making a 3 dimensional software can be useless unless of course it has a comparative advantage over existing UI’s/technology. Moreover, setting up a Three dimensional software that is helpful more than a standard 2D interface needs a fundamental alteration of how we program/think and employ applications.

Everyone can use a mouse, and mouse wheel, but the next step really in modeling is a oculus rift, and something like a razer hydra but a glove…

but for now, I just want to be able to work side by side on engineering, and video games.