Secret blender features

Are there any hidden key combos? Just wondering.

A thing truly useful :

You can copy/paste (ctrl+c/ctrl+v) data (name,number,color …) with the mouse cursor just over the field you want to copy/paste …

Peace :spin:.

CTRL + 1, 3, or 7 Will give you the opposite view of the original. (Ex. CTRL+7 will show you a bottom view rather than the top view)

Also, if you hold down the CTRL key while clicking on “load image” in the texture buttons, Blender will use an image browser with thumbnails rather than just the file browser. (I found this to be extremely useful)

Pressing SHIFT+SPACE or CTRL+ALT+UP ARROW while hovering cursor over any window
will maximize it to fill the whole work space. Pressing the hotkey(s) again will restore the
window to its previous state.

Pressing HOME (again while hovering the cursor over the desired window) will zoom
and pan any window to view all contents. Useful for making button panels and such fit in
their given screen space.

Hope it helped.

Go to the IPO editor, create TWO IPO curves (eg create a Loc keyframe and delete one of the X,Y,Z curves(.

Press R.
Press and hold Ctrl to record (Release Ctrl and it pauses).
Move mouse around while recording.
Press Space to stop recording.

If that isn’t a secret feature then I don’t know what is!


P.S> You used to be able to press J in the render window to switch render buffers (useful for comparing two images). Doesn’t seem to work anymore though!

P.P.S> Ctrl + Shift + V pastes text on the clipboard into the Blender text window.

OMG. Blender just got 100 times easier.

You can select using the right mouse button.
blender has some cool shorts* it seems. :yes:

*‘shorts’ is short for ‘shortcut’

Number keypad / will give you a view of only the selected object(s).

Still work here with the latest version of 2.43 for Windows so keep hope :wink:


the same type of a thread in cgtalk

Ctrl+left and Ctrl+right arrow lets you change between some preset window options. :stuck_out_tongue: I found this accidentally 5 minutes ago. :smiley:

p-key in play window(animation) will give you ping-pong mode, look at this thread if you want to dig out more:

shift-O to toggle subsurf (for render) on selected objects
alt shift-O to toggle subsurf (for display) on selected objects
ctrl [1-4] to change level of subsurf on selected objects.
(edit: ctrl 1-4 changes level of displayed subsurf on first subsurf modifier in the stack. the cool thing about shift-O is you don’t have to go to the Editing panel and click “add modifier” then click subsurf, just select your object and shift-O)

my favorite is still keypad “.” for zooming view to selected.

Shift-C recenters the cursor. “c” will center the view to the cursor. I use this frequently, though I doubt it is much of a “secret”.

You don’t have to press Alt+J to turn triangles into quads…you can just press F! That would have saved me so much time if I only knew before.

Dude! Does that work if you have a larger selection than two tris? Cool anyway, though, since F is right under my finger whereas alt-J involves two keys that are OVER THERE (split ergo keyboard) that I’m trying to hit blind (keyboard under desk thingie) in a keyboard layout that I’m not used to anymore (dvorak user, but I toggle to qwerty for command mode in blender).

I rarely make parents with the keyboard, too . . . .

Y’know, the logitech G15 is starting to look really attractive again. Wish they made one in an ergo shape though. Hm. Wonder if my head would explode I tried to make a setup with two keyboards . . . :slight_smile:

Two keyboards works great, lol But you would probably love the keyboard chair better.

I just found a life saver.

Ctrl+Shift+S … “To Sphere” but with full control. :smiley:

I wonder if there is a quick shortcut for smooth.

When merging vertices with alt+M, you have to press Ctrl while selecting the option if you want the UV map to be updated, otherwise there will be a hole left in it.

I always keep forgetting of course. I hate this “hidden” option.

woah, that’s great. i didn’t know that one.