Secret Msg for Splash Artists

Eyes Only:

Blender development is moving to the B-Con 3 stage. Sometime in the not-to-distant future, a shiny, new Blender 2.35 will appear with amazing new features, a hive of bug fixes, even prettier code, and, of course, a new splash screen. And a new splash screen means a new Splash Screen Contest.

Nothing official yet, but judges are being chosen. The judges will run the contest as they see fit with whatever rules and themes they may decide. But some things you can count on: There will be a template. It will have version 2.35. You will want to use it.

So, just between me and you, time to fire up the creativity. There will be an Official Announcement soon. In the meantime, keep this under your hat.

See how your Uncle Stiv takes care of you?

psst: thank you. will 2.35 be the christmas release :wink: .

thanky uncle stiv :stuck_out_tongue:

Mabe these would be good as a splash, dunno…

Made a while back, so I’ll think I’ll update them with shiny new features like ramp shading, raytracing, glow, distributed shadows and anything else I can think of :wink:

That would be a fantastic splash screen, it has a pro look about it :o :smiley:


First one looks great! Submit it for the splash contest when it opens!
Remember to resize it to fit the right dimentions though…

I preferred the second one. You can’t see the whole Blender logo in the first. I agree that you should enter the contest if you haven’t already though.

Distributed shadows? It might be best to make one with features blender already has or will have in the next release. And I think that’s not quite done yet.

F00fbug/blackmage is planning to have it ready for 2.35…but either way it doesn’t really matter does it? As long as there is a version of blender that has distributed raytracing, who cares? :wink:

Hopefully the template has the correct version on it this time. :slight_smile:

It damn well better. And if it doesn’t, hopefully, one of you will speak up so we can fix it!

While I admire the adaptability of those who tried to work around it, if something is wrong, it’s wrong. Tell us!

Thank you.