Secret Santa Project

'Tis the season to be jolly… And what makes you happier than receiving a special gift from someone on Christmas? Making one for someone else of course!
We’re inviting everyone to come and take part in our Secret Santa Project next month (December 2017), where you’ll get the opportunity to make a render for someone, based on their very own wishlist! To enter, you’ll need to join the discord group, and become a member, then read the rules for the project, and send Santa a wishlist, as well as your written consent, that you’ve read, and agree to the rules. Then, on December 1st (when the entries close), Santa will send you someone else’s list (without them knowing it’s you that got it) so you can make them a render they’ll never forget! Everyone is welcome, from absolute beginners to complete pros. It’s not about the quality of the render, but the thought that you put into it. If you think you may be interested, join the Discord below, and check out all the rules and such on the project, in the #secret-santa-project channel!

Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas!