secret unveiled 2 : the core speed

(kos) #1

after a long long month’s hardwork the new secret is finally unveiled!!
it is a mclaren sportscar.i was playing need for speed:highstakes a month ago and liked this car so much that went on modelling it leaving another secret project(soon gonna be unveiled 8) ) halfway done.

see 4 images here:

more pics will follow shortly.ENJOY!!!

(Xtra) #2

Very nice work! I love the modelling, it’s perfect! I’m currently working on a car, too. Now I have to exert to get something as good as yours.


(BgDM) #3


Holy crrrraaaaaaaappppppppp!

That is some fabulous work. The showcase image is definitley the best one, IMO.

Only crits I can see are the reflections in the paint material. But that is what you get with env maps in Blender. Not much you can do about it. Maybe turning down the COL slider to about 0.4 to 0.5 will help that.

Great work.


(kos) #4

the col slider is 0.25 in each of the images. :o

(belac) #5

hey man, you’ve improved a lot from the last picture i saw of yours! hats off to you! nop details missed!

rock on!


(Ecks) #6

sniff sniff…cannot see it cause your site exceeded his limit…I want to see it now…so can you put it on iptic or something else than geocities? I pretty sre its a cool pic!:slight_smile:

(Dittohead) #7

me niether :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

(Ecks) #8

ok it work now!!! :o :o :o :o
its superb!:slight_smile:

I really like it, it really look like a mclaren f1!

my fav. is the rock one…well I didn’t see the castle and dawn one…

in the showcase one, the material…well sry to say that but I don’t like it! lol!

very nice modelling, I really like your work!

(0ptikz) #9

Beautiful modeling, I love this car :smiley:

One crit tho’ — Put Those images in a html file, I really hate having to copy and paste again and again…

(Cativo) #10

:o Awesome! One question: Are you going for a realistic, or a video game look?

(Grizzly69) #11

I would love to have the castle one for my wallpaper. Is there any way you could make a 1024x768 version?

(S68) #12

:o Great Model :o


Stefano (Me liked ‘rock’ most)

(mrmunkily) #13

post this on cgtalk!

(mrmunkily) #14

And speaking of that sort of thing, try doing one of those “cliche” GI renderings with the car in virtualight or lightflow

(iluvblender) #15

me use this picture as background

great work

(TurboG) #16

Jaw Drops
Nice Pictures! Love them all! Did you totaly model the castle in the first one, or is it just a background pic?
BTW, The reflections on the last one do look a little strange…Other than that it’s AWSOME! Did you use Nurbs or a mesh with SubSutfs or somthing else? (I’m trying car modeling, interested in different approaches)

(kos) #17

i modeled the castle in a seperate blend file and used it as a background in the main car’s render.every pic is done in the same manner.i modeled the car entirely with nurbs etc.another special thing about the car is that the main car mesh involves not a single triangular face.every face in it is a quad.i paid special attention for that.