Secret Window

My entry for the wc is finished. :smiley:

It’s a remake of a Magritte-Picture (

that is wonderful…

lol I love the door handles! Great piece.

excellent work just curious doesnt the window glass go all the way to the top of the frame on the right.

just a thought :slight_smile:

That’s Great!

Very good job ! (now that I have what to compare with)

But I like the other one better… with the great (great!!) city lights

hmm… that’s actually interesting thing … why Magritte didn’t have the window plate go to the top… he had it covering the whole frame on bottom… why not on top…

good version you have here. I like it.


I like the lighting, and magritte paints cool stuff.

nice one! did you used the glow intergration?

the glow is pp. :wink:

simply perfect! Great job

That’s really beautiful…

I think the problem here is not that it doesn’t go all the way up, but that it does go all the way down. It’s much more interesting that way that the window is actually transparent as it should be, and when closed it gives a normal image of the outside world, sky, clouds, but when you open it, there is something entirely different out there.

Simply beautiful. The texturing is fantastic.