section texture experiment gone wrong...

Hey guys,

So background on what I’m trying to do first:

  • basically, come up with a technique for “sectioning” (architecture style) models within blender.
  • the end result should be the shape which some section, sections, or a shape essentially cut-away from the main model.
How I've Been Trying so Far: Overview of the Technique:
  • The tutorial suggests using a texture on a mesh to produce the section effect by:

adding a material > adding a texture > setting the texture to blend > and making it into a black/white colourband

  • It then suggests doing the following in the node editor:

The Problem:

  • Basically there are two issues that am having trouble resolving.
  • The first is that although the texture cuts the object, the “transparency” occludes the plane below the cube as well as blocking a view of its inside. (highlighted below in blue)
  • A second problem is that it produces, as a result of the texture, two different colours on the objects surface depending on how the texture is oriented. (highlighted below in red)

  • I’m more puzzled about the transparency problem than the weird texture artifact on the top of the box.
  • In the tutorial and elsewhere in the web, the solution is supposed to be to turn on TraShadow, but this has been replaced by Receive Transparent Shadow (under material > shadow tab) which apparently does not behave the same.


  • How do I get the transparency to work as it did in the tutorial?
  • How do I stop the texture from putting a line on the top of the object?

Cheers guys :slight_smile: