Sector 3K-B

This is an update Youtube video for my project Sector 3K-B

An excellent video, I love the characters and fighting system Great work! :smiley:

That’s awesome! Keep updating.


I’d like to know more on, well,… the story, the theme…

Oh yeah I explain a lot of that in a vlog on that same youtube page :smiley:

New rigging. Facial Rigging. Animations. New model etc

Any Screenies? Not everyone can access all sites from everywhere! Please?

Looking good, reminds me a little of Starcraft: Ghost!

HAHA wow awesome trailer! Is it just me or does it seem like the characters a bit to skinny? :frowning:

unfortunately I have no schooling in human anatomy. his proportions are a tad bit “anime” long forearms and shins

That trailer was awesome! Very cinematic. You should add some effects over it if you want.

What kind of effects?

Thats awesome cant wait for more!

Cool and savage are you going for a multiplayer game?

at the moment it’s gonna be a singleplayer campaign but it’s being released episodically so I’m hoping to have a multiplayer version to eat up peoples time while waiting for the next level to get released

This is a really cool game. How’s it coming along?