Sector Defence

I have been working on a game called Sector Defence and finally I have finished.

The game is a turret defence type of game. You play as a turret fending off remote control bombs in your sector.

32 Bit

Download -

64 bit I can not yet get on a 64 bit computer.

Screenshots -

From the screenshots It looks pretty good, Downloading Now.

edit: Love it! Great explosions, and the bullets shells flying of your turret are awesome. :slight_smile:

Double Post

Thanks =), I love it, its simple but SOOo fun to play It was a great learning process for my primary game.

I’m not a spelling cop, but I’d like your game to be as successful as it can be… it’s “Defense”, unless it’s a French play on wording in a round about way De-fence (removing a fence). Screen shot looks nice, good textures.

I am not sure but from this I think says its either one O.o I can never tell I see it spelled diffrently all over so I dont know the proper one XD

defence US, defense [dɪˈfɛns]
n 1. resistance against danger, attack, or harm; protection
2. a person or thing that provides such resistance

Educational moment, I did not know this… Apparently defence is the British English version of American English defense. I’m in the US, hence why defence looks incorrect to me and the spell check flags it, so depends on where your target audience is I suppose.

I grown use to both ways but I better start getting into defense hehe XD

OMG that looks almost exactly like the game I’m working on right now. Its very similar, from the HUD to the turret. I even have the laser pointer! Crap, I’ve been working on this game for a few months now, but its discouraging to see this now. I will have to drop it and make something else now.

Good work, though. [edited]

Looks good lol

very nice work

Download link doesn’t work

Dude, this is very well done!
I would, however like to request a linux or .blend version of the file.
Mirror for those that can’t download: Sector Defence

hmm wierd was working before … I not the time atm to change link XD will try later.

Awesome :yes:

file not found…

I have fixed the download link so now everyone can download again. =D

How about a linux / .blend version of the game?

That is pretty awesome man, most blender games, even Yo Frankie have my interest lost pretty soon, but this one feels like a real game!!!

No clue how make a linux version. Dont want to share actual .blend