I just returned from holidays in Scotland and saw that the last work I did before is now in use - I made these images for a new security related area on my company’s website (

Some of them will be worked over in the next weeks, everything had to be done before I started my holidays ;).



This is the main teaser image:
Bigger version:

And these are in the sub-categories:
Bigger version:
Bigger version:
Bigger version:
Bigger version:
Bigger version:
Bigger version:

(I already know the virus mesh sucks :P)

looks cool, u better animate it and show us!!!

uey dude… nice pics. why dont you make an animated gif? that would rock…

Nice and yet simple, good way of displaying security.

Fantastic work Thoro! I’m impressed and you’re getting paid for it too. Well done! Keep up the good work.


Ozo. :smiley:

Grimreaper: Thank you, I’m afraid I won’t get time to animate them. :wink: I guess there will be a lot of new work when I get back to work tomorrow…

Chimera: Thanks, you know that I’m the Ayatollah of AnimGIFs and Rolla? :stuck_out_tongue:

Kansas_15: And that was exactly the intention - I’m glad you like it.

ozo: Yes, when I started with 3D I was always dreaming that I would be paid for this sometime… now it’s part of my job (and of course still one of my favourite hobbies) - and Blender is the right application to visualise my ideas. The Blender community is very helpful and it’s just cool to see Blender growing. Welcome to Elysiun, Ozo.

ok dude, well when you get time or whatever to animate we will be waiting, i too dream of getting paid one day. im only 14 so that will be a while.