see black on texture painting

hi my mesh is all black, when i try to paint it, it works in the 3d view port its just that its completely black and its hard to paint like that…is there anyway i can see the lines on it? i found a few tutorials on 2.43 and they said that you need to go to UV/face select mode and then texture paint mode to see its lines, which i couldn’t find


You have to alternate between the Edit Mode and the Texture Paint Mode, having care for your UV channel. One thing you can do is export the UV channel to an SVG file, then convert that to a JPG and import this back to Blender as an image to paint on. This way you’ll see the lines according to the UV mapping you did.

those are some big words :D, well i dont even know what SVG file is and how to export it but
as you can see on , from 3:45 time the person goes uv/face select then paint texture and he can see his mesh normaly… how do i achive that state of mesh? in version 2.49?

Maybe you have to do the UV of the object first, I’m not sure cause I don’t use 2.49 anymore. But go into Edit Mode, select all polys, press U and choose Reset, for instance, or some other method of mapping. It depends on what you want/need to do next.