See connected edges and vertices in UV editor

I found this:

But I only want to see where the connected edges and vertices are. Is that possible?

Turn on UV Sync Selection. In edge and vertex mode it will highlight connected stuff

But with that button vertices will get selected on multiple UV islands and I won’t be able to move only what I needed to move - unless I toggle it on/off all the time, for visual clues.

How is the typical workflow, when you have multiple islands and need to stitch some together?

I don’t tend to stitch stuff together in the UV Editor very often. I’ve always kinda though that if you have to stitch something together you might have been better not putting a UV seam there in the first place.

I often align UV islands by moving rotating and scaling them with and without snappiing and stuff. I tend to identify the shared edges in Vertex or Edge mode, then switch to Face mode to move stuff around