See how accurate your eyesite is with this little game


a coworker of mine just send me this link to a nice little game.
My best score so far 3.53 after playing twice. First time I screwed up really badly.

nice , i can never get less than 3.5

Ok I improved it to 2.83


I got 7.23

I got 4.29 the first time. Cool little game. :slight_smile:

2.10 here.

My worst part was the point convergences.

24…this game sucks…I hate math.:mad:

LOTR convergence was my best part. Actually had 0.0 three times on that one.

First attempt I got 3.24.


I thought the point convergences were the easiest…

2.80 on my first try.

Edit: 2.47 second time

I couldn’t get below 6 for an average.

Compared to you my accuracy S.U.C.K.S, I’ve been known to walk and sideswipe a wall because I wasn’t going parrelel to it and I have never gotton drunk.:eek:

I got 2.37, I would’ve gotten lower except I made a really dumb mistake on the third circle centre test and got a seven. :o

Well got 4,83 first time :stuck_out_tongue:

cool little thing, the parallelogram was the hardest i think.

Parallelogram4.2--------Midpoint0.0-------- w00t :smiley:
Bisect angle4.7--------Triangle center3.8--------Circle center1.4--------Right angle2.9--------Convergence8.2-------- Average error: 3.60 (lower is better)

Yay! I still R winner! :smiley:

And I’m still near dead last on this forum. That game really is harder than it looks.

6.97 then 3.94

first time I didn’t really know what I was doing and got a few completely wrong which threw it. I found the point of convergence and center of the circle were much easier for me than finding the center point of a line.