see if you can beat it
stumbled upon this and it was damn fun. beat it after some time of trying, so see if you can

Nooo… I’m hooked. Going at level 8…

First :wink: The time sucks though.
Wasted enough time.

Hehhe…I beated it… nice butt a simple game

Meh, I submitted my high scores and it erased my score screen thingy.

My last two levels were 6 seconds and 18 seconds tho, if I recall…

total high score was 504. I dunno how that ranks in the list, since it didn’t seem to want to pull up the list. Now I’ll never know if I’m l337 or not.

Arexma beat me, tho… A couple of them stumped me for a few tries.

Well it’s my time to get hooked!