See inside building.

Hey guys:p Long time no see :smiley: I have a quick question, pertaining to seeing inside a building in the game engine. I made a building (FPS tutorial style) out of crates. How can I see inside the building, as to place the Player’s Camera, place lighting, examine textures, etc. I have heard about engaging “fly mode” (by hitting shift-f), but I am not at my work computer at the moment. Can someone either verify whether fly mode does what I need, or if there is a separate solution?

Thanks -Drew

That’s right.
You can fly around (in object mode) with your view by pressing “Shift+F”.
It is even possible to move objects/ cameras with this method.

Go to camera view(Num 0) and press Shift+F => you’re moving with the camera.

The viewport also needs to be in perspective mode as well instead of orthographic if you want to see inside objects. Num 5 is the default key to toggle between view modes.

Alternatively, you can hide objects or faces using the H key to make it easier to see inside complex objects. Alt+H will unhide them.

Thank you both!!!:smiley: