See the new realtime reflections in action!

(Monkeyboi) #1

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of publisher you can see one of the great new features in exe form here:

For those of you who DO have acces to publisher, check it out anyway because if think i have made a very clever way of layering the reflection on top of something non reflective.

Please comment!

Oh yeah and use the arrowkeys to revolve the object

(Monkeyboi) #2


You can now choose between different characters with the numberkeys.

By the way I moddeled the man myself in Wings3D

(rav_bhara) #3

End-of-central-directory signature not found. Either this file is not a Zip file, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part Zip file.

THATS ALL I KEEP ON GETTING, ive downloaded it 3 times. Dont matter n e way. Reflection mapping izzzz cool, then when blender goes open source, were bound to have mirror effects

(Monkeyboi) #4

it must be the server :x :x :x . Cant really do anything about it…

I have moved it to a different destination on the same server. Try again… please

I found that if you pressed the link again it continues to download where you were. You have to close the download window first though to make it work.

It looks really cool, I realy want to share it.

(gargola) #5

wow! that was great! :smiley:

(saluk) #6

(grumble) for some reason the realtime reflections dont work on my laptop! Grrr! The python “hack” that eeshlo released a while ago worked, but all this one does is slow down my computer. Very strange.

(Torque) #7

That looks really cool, i was thinking of how i could do that just
So are you going to let us all in on your little secret?

Go on , PLEASE.

(Abracsis) #8

that looks really cool. How many polygons is the model of each head?

for instance this seems slow, but if only used on a few pieces of armour, it could make a character look cool

(OTO) #9

Quite nice the effects.
But your scene seems fairly simple.
Why the .exe “weights” 6.3 Mb???

(blendedHKU) #10

please don’t distribute it as an exe, I can’t view it.

If you distribute your game as an exe you should make sure that you build exe’s for all platforms.
(Windows, Linux, Macintosh)

Also theirs no need to publish something as an exe, if you’re gonna publish it on elysiun, since we all have blender installed.

If you’ve done this so people can’t see how you made something, then that’s your call, but I don’t really see the point in that. Because if I view a game, I can always copy it, by building it from scratch.
But hey, you were probably just playing with Blenders new features, and building an exe is a cool feature.

Anyways, maybe we could make some guildelines on howto publish games.



(wiensta) #11

couch cough*

these features arent “new”, theyve been out for ages…

(Pooba) #12

the reason that he can’t distribute a blend file is because 2.25 files wouldn’t work with 2.23

also it’s been out for 2.25

(rav_bhara) #13

Ive been trying to do a good reflection map for a see through object. Do u have the texture for the reflection layer of the monkey that u did cus that was pretty cool.

(S_W) #14

0,0001 fps…must be a number around this… :wink:

(Torque) #15

Monkeyboi don`t talk much do he?

   Come on Monkeyboi hows it done ?  I`ll be your best mate.

(Torque) #16

Still not giving away your secrets Monkeyboi ?

Come on, Pretty Please, don`t be mean, i show you my etchings!!!

(rav_bhara) #17

hes used a normal textured monkey and put a reflective layer above it. I just want the texture for the reflective layer, c’mon monkey boy

(Torque) #18

Yes , but how exactly? i didn`t know you could use different texture layers in the Game Engine
What the procedure to do it ?

(TorQ) #19

There are two layers of model each with a different texture.


(calli) #20

Page is in german but you get the idea.