See the world, stay in computer chair.

You can download a 7-day trial of software that will view any part of the world using satellite imagery mapped to a simple 3d translation of the Earth. I’ve noticed that you can zoom in close enough to figure out what kind of cars people drive in some places, but in others it’s pixellated to hell. Fun to play with, nevertheless, because the entire Earth is mapped.

Best to have a fast computer, it’s very heavy on system recourses. It requires faster internet connections too, because it’s constantly downloading image data as you zoom in closer and closer.

It’s also in full color, unlike sites like

hmm, i tryed it , it was pretty cool, but im not rely intrested in this :wink:

It is pretty cool, but I thought it was updated sattelite imagery. Looking at my dad’s property that’s always under construction, me and my bro figured the image to be about 4-5 years old. I guess 7 terrabytes of images is damn hard to keep up to date :wink:

Fun to play with for an hour though. Thanks for the Link!

Edit: By the way, check out today’s APOD:

heh, found my house. The trial version uses images from 2002 (at least for my area). found that out because my sister’s school paints the year on their bleachers, cleary visible on satellite :o

not terribly useful to me but very fun :slight_smile:

The years will vary, as the entire thing is a composite image. All are in color though and the 3d topographical data (though limited) is there, which was what really impressed me.

ummm, it’s a free download from nvidia’s website if you have a modern card.

Holy crap, I can see my sister’s swingset in our back yard.
I live in Las Vegas though, so it’s very detailed.

ok, that was the coolest thing i have done today.

not only could i see my house, but i could see…my house.

its still cool.

keyholenv.html… hmm… %|

It’s linked from the keyhole website, and notes that it works best with Nvidia cards. I downloaded that version. It’s a free download from either site.