See This Film: "CUBE"

(CubeFan973) #1

The best film I have seen yet is “Cube.” It has a fairly complex plot that usually needs one to not know much about it, so I’ll tell you the basic plot:

6 or 7 people are put into a maze of cubes. There are booby traps in about 5/6 of the rooms (one guy goes into a room and gets cut up into cubes), but since almost everyone wants to get out, they start to explore.

Sure, it’s simple. So is quite a bit in this film: It was made with one set, with one door on each side leading to another cube-shaped room. But the film is actually very complex. If your favorite film is a film summed up by “17,576 people get killed, the hero ends up with the girl” or is a teen sex comedy, don’t watch this. If your favorite film leaves something unresolved (i.e. what the heck does this film mean?), then go to a video store and see this.

Go ahead and reply if whether you’ve seen it or not.

(digitalSlav) #2

oh man that movie so rocked! i saw it the last time i was at an electronics store on dvd and woulda picked it up if i didn’t spend my money on gta3 :smiley:

(saluk) #3

I saw this awesome movie! It was very reminiscent of a book I enjoyed as a kid called “House of Stairs” by William Sleator. The acting was a little off at times, and I didn’t particularly like the ending, but it’s a great idea movie and a good suspense movie. Everyone should watch, as long as your not too squeamish:)