See through 2 textures... ? Help please


I’m facing this weird problem.
I created a scene for an animation. But we can see the sky between the ground and the landscape.
I marked one spot with a red circle. But you can notice the transparency all along the intersection between the ground and the landscape.
We can also notice it on the hill. It’s the same prob.

There’s only in the render that we can see through, otherwise we can clearly see there’s no gap!

I even ZOOM

I checked my UV map… And there’s nothing wrong… I even add the same texture, except it’s all black and transparent where it must be transparent, it helped a bit but we still can see through…

Thanks for your help!

You might want to start by optimizing the max and min clipping distance accessed through the camera settings (if you have an extremely small near-clip or an extremely large far-clip value, you could then have precision issues).

Thanks! I already checked this.
Funny because I just realized what was the problem… To get rid of this problem, instead of using “Z Transparency” I used “Raytrace”.
Now everything look good!