See through Object

I am really not sure where to place this, please move if needed.

I have this really annoying problem as seen here

The mesh is from here i was just going to use it for practice. Any help would be fantastic, thanks

SO what actually is the problem ? The only clue is the short thread title. Is it something to do with the box ? Do you want something to be see through or not ? If you have a problem, then at the very least take 30 seconds to clearly say what it is ?

Do you want the box not to be ‘see through’ ? Why do you want a box ? Have you enabled the X-Ray option for the object display for the other objects ?

Dearly sorry it was a quick post, Well as you can see i can see the mesh from any position usually the cube is in the way. It might be x ray how can i turn that off?

Edit: Solved thank you so very much requesting close. For anyone else who has this problem