See through texture?

Is there a way to make a texture partially see through? Like a Sprite. I kinda wondering about making a game thats a flat sprite for all charcaters, so I need the background color to be see through.

alpha textures?

png or tga format support null colors

So what do I have to set for that?

I think what you are looking for is the Alpha slider in the materials settings. You just simply need to lower it to a value below 1 to make your texture partially or completely transparent.
If you are only wanting part of your image to be transparent then you need to load an image that has an alpha channel such as tga then enable alpha in the image texture paramaters. To create an alpha channel you have to have a little knowlege of photo editing software but gimp will edit them so it shouldnt be too hard to figure out.
You can also load a seperate black and white image or “grayscale” to use as an alpha channel by simply mapping it to alpha of the material then lowering the alpha as stated above.
Hope this was helpful.

I don’t know I just can’t seem to get it to work. And also is there a way to make it so that it wont blur the edges of the image? So that it will be pixelated on small images.

Edit: Ok I got that to work, but is there to do that in the game engine? And make it less fuzzy.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of making your image partially transparent (though it isn’t that hard) you can use blender’s ColA IPO curve to modify the transparency of an object.

You can do this by opening up an IPO curve window, and just putting a key (with ctrl-click) on how transparent you want your object to be. 0 is invisible, 1 is completely visible. You can also animate this (add more than 1 key) so that you can change it in real time. Make sure that you also set a value of 1 for the keys ColR ColG ColB

Then you have to make sure that on all of the faces of the object “Obcolor” and “Alpha” are set.

That’s it!

Ok well how would I make just part of the image see through in Gimp?

Nevermind I got it. Thanks

But how can you make it so that it wont blend colors together?

What do you mean by “blend colors together?”

Blender’s blur.
In latest builds, you can use “clip alpha”, which is way too sharp :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok and where would this “clip alpha” be?

I think it’s in the texture face panel, when editing an object.

Grrr, I can never find the texture face panel.