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Im just woundering, how do you make an object some what transparent in the blender game enigne, ive looked around and havent been able to find any tutorials, help plese, thanks

-go to face mode (f) and in the edit buttons, there’s a transparent option (it might say alpha? I don’t have blender in front of me)
-click that, then click copy face mode (same panel).
-Then, in the material settings, play with the alpha slider.
-Also, if the image that’s UVed on has an alpha channel, turning transparent on will enable that.

I hope that helps, feel free to elaborate if you were looking for something else.

Do a search for hanger in the file below. Its a good tut with a download of the files to play with. You can also just make a cube as it says and then copy the alpha .png hanger picture to your system and use it.

You can also use textures with an alpha channel which allows you to create areas of transparency in yout texture

How do you make a texture with an alpha channel? thanks for your help guys

You need image creation software that supports alpha. (Hint: Photoshop…etc.) Or you can download them off the good ol’ Web. I use .png’s for all my alpha-requiring textures, created with Photoshop Elements (4?)

You can use the free gimp. There is also a tut for that in the file below. I cant remember the name though, I havent used it for a long time.

If you need more help pm me and I will find the tut for you. The tut is for photoshop, but you can use any program that saves as .png, or the other one. Which I cant remember what its extension is just now. LOL.

It really isnt hard at all. You just have to save it as a .png. For instance, you draw what you want and where ever there is empty space, it will be invisible, or transparent.

Heres the tutorial.