Going back to nineteenth century I decide to draw cars with a pencil.
(yes they are still sold!)
anyway to help with the drawing i needed a grid on the floor of the picture and tires - they are a little hard to draw!
well i did that.
How do i make the tires just be hoops (outlines) instead of solid?
thanks all

In the Material buttons there is a “Wire” button. I think that’s what you want.

Yes wire is better but i still have a zillion lines per wheel.

Either you subdivided your wheel a few too many times and need to remodel it, or you should play with your subsurf settings a bit.
Don’t let it go over 3, and if i’m not mistaking you can reduce the visible ines by pressing the Optimal btn.

Well i just redid the wheels using only 30 segments.
an improvements especially as i now know about the wire thing.
no subsurf or anything fancy.
still not just hoops!
thanks all
PS how do i put a picture of it up on the forum?

This shows what i would like.

thanks all

delete the edges you don’t want. It will not render 3d that way, because all that would remain would be 2d edges, btu I assume this is not important to you.

To get what you have in that picture first add a mesh circle, now as all verts will already be selected, duplicate (SHIFT-D) them.Move the duplicate back to desired thickness. once again select all and then duplicate again.Now you need to scale(S) the duplicates and restrict to two axis (ie if you created the circle in top view you want SHIFT-Z) and scale in to desired inner ring size. This will give what you have in your pic example but note as there are only verts and edges (no faces) when you render they wont show unless you set render to wire).

Will circles set to wires show on the rendering picture?
alsoI would like to see thru the plane with the mesh on it.
i made it gif that i believe is see thru but it still comes out grey.
thanks all for your help.

yes if you set the material of both the circle mesh and the plane mesh and in the material buttons select wire and your probably want shadeless on as well, both meshes will render with wire edges as required.

The plane is a picture of a mesh.
so setting it to wire … not a good idea.
but i could put lots of wires squares or lines on it - if only i could see it in blender!
any ideas on a see thru mesh? gif did not work!
and can i thicken the wire wheels?
thanks for your help

updated - the story so far.

You dont need to use a picture of a mesh just subdivide the mesh plane to desired amount then render as wire. To thicken the wire of the wheels youll have to extrude to create a face then switch off wire or try this script
Info on the script[email protected]/ideasman/

I knew it was going too good.
you just left the part of space where folks like us live and went to the knowledgeable zone!
I would not know what to do with a script.
and you lost me on the grid thing.
I can extrude the hoops!
and the shadow is off ( see new link above)
now in simple terms i should do…

Ok sorry about that so the hoops are ok as you can extrude them. Here’s a way to create your grid. Add > mesh > grid then choose how many sqaures in the grid you require in the x res and then the y res. now press X and choose only faces. thats created your grid ( the other way is to select the plane you have already and press W and choose subdivide multi and select the number of cuts ,then press x and choose faces only.Now you can chose to render wire this as wire.

Edit > actually you dont necessarily need to delete the faces as when you choose wire it only renders the edges.

“then choose how many sqaures in the grid you require in the x res and then the y res. now press X and choose only faces.”
that is new to me.
how exactly do i do that!
thanks for your patience - soon be done!

When you do add> mesh > grid , an option then pops up for you to enter in values first for x res (number of sqaures in x axis ) then when youve entered that another pops up for y res ( number of sqaures in y axis) so keep the values the same to create equal sized square grid withing your mesh plane.

nothing pops up except the mesh!
ver 2.41

Yea im also using 2.41 this is taken directly from wiki documentation
A standard grid is made out of n by m vertices. The resolution of the x-axis and y-axis can be specified in the popup window which appears when the object is created; the higher the resolution, the more vertices are created. Example objects that can be created out of grids include landscapes (with the proportional editing tool) and other organic surfaces.

If you cant get this to work use the other method add > mesh > plane, press w > select subdivide multi > enter number of cuts in pop up window.

It would have helped if I had read it as grid not plane!

mission accomplished
thanks for your help