See your Logo in Print needs a new logo to be printed on our magazine. The winner of course will get to see their logo printed for all to see! :smiley:

So fire up blender, lets loose the creative energy and blend up a new logo for :smiley:

you can post entries here or at

had a try at it. I loved the idea of the little face thingy by mr good, so I did my own version:

That is so cool, I love the way it looks. Do you want ot post it over at or would you like me to post a link there to your image here.

Great job!
I wonder why there is little intrest in this?
If your logo is chosen it will be seen by over 200,000 people a month on the site as well as in the magazine. The creator of the logo will be listed so think of it as free publicity for your art.

Post your image here and over in the user gallery at blenderman so it can be rated. There is a section in the gallery just for logo designs.