Seeing a door open then switching back to the player?

How would I so when you put a block or jumped on yourself a switch a door would and stay that way until you moved that block and 2. allow you to see the opening and closing when the block(or the player) goes onto the switch and leaves the switch? I know I probably have to do it with a camera actuator, but I am not sure how to switch back and fourth for opening and closing.

one way to do it ( in the same scene)
add another camera pointing to the desired scene/action
then you must trigger the camera change, ex:
Collision Sensor -> AND -Scene Actuator -Set Camera - OB:nameofthenewcamerahere
then with new camera selected add a Delay Sensor -enoughtimehere ->AND -> Scene Actuator -Set Camera - OB:nameoftheOLDcamerahere
It should work…I hope?!

thanks OTO haven’t tested yet, but that sounds like because the switch has to be held down wouldn’t it just keep changing the cam?(because except when the switch isn’t held the block would alway be colliding wouldn’t it?)

EDIT: also to see closing would it be a inv col sensor?

EDIT2: testing it and IT WORKS! Thanks OTO for saving me days of puzzling! Except I couldn’t get delay to work so I am using a frameprop and when the frame prop hits the last frame it switches,

OTO maybe you can help me with another problem along these same lines, my player and bots(using Killer’s maze AI tutorial) still can move around during the animation and thus the player could 1. kill it self or 2. a bot could kill it how to fix this?

Ah, games are hard to do…always a problem around… :wink:
Maybe “States” could solve your problem:
Add a “no action” state to the “moving” objects
Then the action that trigger the camera change will trigger a "State Actuator - Copy “state no action” for those objects.

Yep I get it I’ll post back when if I have anything else.

OK I have my doors and one button set-up and I get the problem that it keeps switching stats between detecting that it’s pushed(it’s not) and detecting that it’s not, so it plays the animation in reverse but, then here;s the problem when it switches back to state1(see if pushed) it then instantly switches back to state2 for sow reason. File attached(currently no camera to switch to so it’s blank.
LEAH maze.blend (386 KB)

Should I post a wip for it to post my problems?

EDIT: it happens even if I start in state 1 and drop a cube(with a prop called “trigger”) on it then move the cube.