seeing a halo object through a transparent object?

Hello every body.

I am new to blender and 3D animation have only been using blender for the last 2 weeks. but i have come quite a long way in that time.

Any way I’m attempting an animation that involves a moon (halo sphere) that is visibly through curtains (transparent object). my problem is that as soon as the Transparent object has an alpha level higher than 0 the moon disappears. i can see the window frame and other objects that are behind the curtains but not the halo object. i I’m using the F12 key to render a frame.

I have over come the problem by replacing the halo with a solid object but this dose not have the same affect/look as the halo

i hope you can make sense of my noobee explanation.

Many thanks Stew_dog :ba:

Try deselectting ‘Ray Transp’ and instead select ‘ZTransp’ in the settings for your curtain material.

thanks i will do



That worked worked a treat! really appreciate it

thanks man