Seeing & Hearing the Video on the New UV Mapping Scheme

The new UV Mapping scheme, introduced in 2.46, appears to offer some new options. In the Release Logs, the one for 2.46 mentions “UV/Face & Edit Mode Merged (Watch the Movie)”, I downloaded the movie (“UVunwrapping.ogg”) and, since none of the software I had would play this format, I downloaded and installed the highly rated VLC 9.4 player. It played .mp4 and .avi movies fine, but there was no sound output playing “UVunwrapping.ogg”. As I don’t have any other .ogg movies and wasn’t able to find any with a quick search on the web, I don’t know whether there is a sound problem with this particular file or if the player had a problem playing ,ogg movies with sound.

In any case, I very much would like to learn about the new UV procedure and it appears from the visual display that there is narration that I’m just not hearing.

Has anyone played this movie and heard it? If so, what software did you use? If not, is there any other documentation on the new “modeless” UV mapping system?

many official blender videos do not include a sound track.