Seeing inside a modeled house

I tried to search on this topic, but had no luck.

I’ve been tinkering with modeling my kitchen, which of course is basically completely enclosed. I’d like to be able to push a near clipping plane from the view port camera (not an actual blender camera) So that I can see the interior easily while I’m trying to work on it.

In perspective mode, I can make the view go inside the house, but in ortho I can’t, and I’d really like to.

Or, you know like in gl, you can make a poly invisible from one side, based on it’s winding? I’m sure that blender doesn’t have a concept of winding really… but that is another way that I could see into the kitchen but not out of it.

What would be !really! great is if I could place a near clipping plane with a fixed center in world coordinates. (and of course the plane would rotate so as to always face the camera)

Any such things exist?

single sided faces: not in edit mode

adjustable user clip plane: no

you’ll have to seperate your objects into different layers [show/hide the cieling/floor] and probably create a perspective [solid view mode] and orthagonal [wireframe so you can select everything visibly] view to edit in

Turn off double sided - flip normals of exterior object - change view to shaded

Or change the draw type in the object menu to wire for the object you want to see through


Re turning off double sided, setting view to shaded. This doesn’t seem to work for me. The backsides are opaque black.

But yeah, I suppose that wireframe etc might do the trick.

I suppose doing the wireframe/layers tricks are what I’ll have to do.

hmmm, backsides are culled in shaded view for me.

Is it one object? Cause it doesn’t cull backside of selected object in edit mode. Assumed you were working on seperate objects.

one word: L A Y E R S

it is like magic! makes thing disappear or apprear!


Layers, yes, I use them alot. It sure would be nice if you could name them. 8)


layers are good, but you cannot place half a wall on a layer and the other half on another layer… if the wall is a single object :slight_smile:

Wireframe is the way to go, IMHO