Seeing the edges in sculpt mode

Is there any way to see the edges or vertexes on the surface when in sculpt mode? I realize it’s possible to be in wireframe mode, but what I’d like is the equivalent of being in surface mode and edge edit mode where the surface is visible but with the edges drawn on it.

I assume you are using blender 2.49b because you don’t specify otherwise.
First you need to show the wireframe.
In the object setting (F7) in the Draw panel select Wire in the Extra Draw settings.
When you add a multires select a number in the Edges settings to show the edges for that level of subdivision.

Actually I’m using 2.53 but it still works like a charm. Just exactly what I wanted. Thanks.

That is indeed very cool.
By leaving a properties window open it’s quick to toggle the wire display on and off, and it also works in Texture Paint mode which is very useful.