seeing the face count in game?

hi is it possible to see a face count in the debug settings… or make one somehow using scripting… I need to check if objects are being culled properly? I also need to see how many faces are currently being drawn then i can work on optimising… also does anyone know if blender GE will start supporting DDS files… maybe with the ogre implementation?

Try doing this: Go into edit mode for your models, select all, press Ctrl+T, and look in the info bar for # of faces. Write it down (example: main character has 1253 faces) and then make sure to Undo. Then you can add up all the values for the whole scene (taking into account added objects). I don’t know an automatic way of doing so.

thanks for pointing that out… didn’t notice the vertex count etc up there in the corner… so ctrl+T converts from poly’s to triangles… is it possible to convert from triangle to poly’s? (some files when imported get converted from poly’s to triangles)… no one know of a way of counting the faces in realtime to check the frustrum culling?

j does that. traingles to quads

Shift+J or Alt+J, that is. It rarely works the way you want it to, though.