Seeing Vertex Paint in Object Mode?


To preview textures quickly, I use the methose of putting the Shading to Texture and putting the texture in a material.

However, when it comes the time to vertex paint it (for video game mobile purposes), I can only see the vertex color while in Vertex Pain mode.

How can I make the paint visible in object mode? (which is useful to compare objects, since only the currently selected object shows the vertex paint, when in vertex paint mode)

Thank you

In blender 2.8 you can easily make vertex colors visible in object mode in the viewport shading options

It’s quite a new feature so if you can’t find it try the latest blender build


Thank you for the answer, it does indeed show Vertex Paint in the Vertex shading mode.

However, the texture of that object’s material is no longer visible. In mobile game (and in older versions of Blender) the vertex color is multiplied over the grayscale texture, to create many colors of bricks, for example.

Is there a way (or perhaps a planned way) to find that old functionality again, in the viewport? (vertex color multiplied by texture)

Thank you

Yes. Create a material that multiplies the vertex color over the texture, and switch to LookDev or Rendered view.

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I will look into that, thank you!