Seeking 3D artist to create character from modeling sheet

UPDATE: Contractor was chosen and work is already in progress.

I need the following character converted to a 3D model that I can import into Unity3D.

I should have the modeling sheet by Monday, which will look something like this (with the turnarounds as outlines only, no colour)

I need the character to be rigged so I can apply humanoid animations to it in Unity3D (the eyes will be rigged also). I also need it to have a total of 51 shape keys. These will all be slight distortions of the face and consist of a neutral expression, and then 26 variations that are split left/right (e.g. right eye closed, left eye closed) so can be duplicated.

I have uploaded an animated example FBX so you can have a look at the list of required shape keys.

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I’ve sent you a private message, thanks for the opportunity!

Message sent. Thank you!

What is your budget? What is your schedule?
What is your target poly-count? What is your target texture size? Will this character be using a shared texture space? How many texture layers do you want?
Will you be providing the rig (export it from Unity), and we are just doing the skinning (connecting the geometry to the bones you provide)? Or do you need us to make a rig as well?

I have sent a PM, thank you.