Seeking 3D artist to do monster effects for a feature film

(WaltBraley) #1


I am filmmaker in Knoxville, TN, getting ready to produce a feature film. The film is presented as a newscast trying to report on a giant monster attack that is happening outside the city, and moving right towards them. It is shown through the gaze of the newscast, the field team covering it, and as found footage clips sent in by viewers.

I am producing the film on almost no budget, mostly by calling in favors. I have secured a news station willing to let me shoot and have gotten competent actors as well. However, I know that for the film to be successful, I have to show the monster, at least a little bit.

I Know very little about CGI work and what goes into something like this, but I was hoping to find someone interested in designing a creature for the film, and then rigging and animating it into a few short scenes we shoot. We would work well within your capabilities and try our hardest to shoot the coverage you need to make the scenes work.

Alternatively, if anyone is interested in only doing the designing, or only doing to rigging and animating, I would still greatly appreciate the help. I truly believe with a strong team effort, we can make something unique and special.

I have been working in film and TV in Knoxville for 5 years now. I currently produce TV for Jupiter Entertainment, and make short films on the side. I have made multiple award winning shorts and would be happy to show them to anyone that is interested but wants to know that I’m capable of putting in the right work on my end.

I am in awe of the skills that go into this kind of work and have utmost respect for your craft. I have no idea if the film will ever make money, but I’d happily draw up an agreement to make sure you see some of the profits if it does.

I hope you will consider reaching out to me to talk more about the project. I’ll answer any questions you might have. I thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to making something incredible as a team.