Seeking a blender artists help!

UPDATE: hello! I wanted to update this saying I’ve found an artist. Thank you all for your time and offers.

Hello! I’m a digital artist who is developing a webcomic that is in need of 3D backgrounds! I’m still new to this site so please bear with me as I’m just here to learn how to properly seek Blender artists.

I’m currently seeking someone to make a custom design but I’m not sure how much the average Blender artist charges for this request. This design I’m looking for is an interior design, specifically separate parts of a living room/kitchen and bedroom that looks like these: example1 & example2

My question, I’m wondering how this overall custom request will be charged so I can make a budget to commission! I hope this makes sense, I’d be glad to answer any questions regarding my forum! Thank you!

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@moderators this should probably be somewhere in the Jobs category?

@cl25 This intended as a paid thing or pro-bono?

I’ll take this quote at face value and assume its a paid gig. Moving this thread to #jobs:paid-work

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I’m more of asking it as a question before developing a budget! Yes, i’d assume it would be a paid thing. So sorry for the misplacement in the categories!

Sorry for the misplacement!


Are you looking for someone to recreate these?

hello please check my message! Regards Michael.


Just messaged you!

Maria Kaminska

I’d quote a 300$ for such a piece. but I’d like to offer you a reduction of 100$ per month time based plan. i.e. If you’d give me a month I’d do it for 300$, if you give me 2 month, I’d only charge 200$ if you give me 3 month then the price would drop to 120$ only(20$ a compensation for platform charges). Please contact me for more details, we may be able to cooperate to a fair deal.

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This heavily depends several things.

Where is the artist from? An artist from Switzerland will be a lot more expensive than an artist from Bangladesh.
How many refinement loops do you expect? Are you happy with the first iteration or do you want to do a lot of correction/refinement loops? Refinement loops add up a lot and double, tripple or quadruple a project in price.

For an artist from Germany I think you could expect a price of 1000€ - 2000€ (+ 19% VAT) if you didn’t expect a lot of refinement for one image.

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