Seeking a Blender Mentor/Tutor!

I’m eager to learn Blender and excited to get started. I have, on my own, devoured every free online tutorial video I could get my hands on. But I feel that I am running into too many problems that without assistance I’m finding rather difficult to troubleshoot on my own. I’m hoping one of you amazingly talented artists can help me along, if anyone is interested, please post here, send me a PM, or feel free to add me on Skype!

I know a lot of you are very busy and overwhelmed with your own projects but if you have any free time and can sympathize with a poor lost noob like myself it’d be much appreciated! <3

I would recommend trying some stuff out and when you get stuck, posting in the various sub-forums. There are forums dedicated to modeling, texturing, scripting, lighting, etc. They are actively monitored by some very knowledgeable users. They are a great way to get help with specific problems.

#blender in freenode on IRC is good also.

Thank you! So far this community has been very helpful :slight_smile: can’t wait until all of this eventually clicks and makes a lick of sense haha XD

What do you need help with? Feel free to PM me and I can see if I can help. I was in your place at one point! :slight_smile: Blender has a steep learning curve!

At the moment…everything XD the most ideal thing is if I could afford to go to school for media arts or simply attend some kind of workshop but I haven’t been very successful pursuing those options. Alternatively I’ve attempted to gather up as much information, tutorial dvds, and written material on the subject in hopes of teaching myself. But with the steep learning curve most 3D programs have due to their massive tools and capabilities its become very difficult to adapt the hours of videos I’ve watched and the extensive books/manuals I’ve read to actually trying to produce something, anything, that somewhat resembles an actual model. Sad to say the most impressive thing I’ve accomplished on my own is a slew of malformed and twisted cubes and one, very simple, and oddly shaped house XD

I’m in no way discouraged however, I mean I’ve only been at it for about two months, I know it can take years to fully grasp any one program especially when approaching it for the first time as a total beginner. But just having someone that can help walk me through it and understand how to effectively utilize the program to its full potential would be greeeat :stuck_out_tongue:,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.44342787,d.dmQ&fp=7e0ee583d2c4c83f&biw=1280&bih=637 Andrew Price has a good cheatsheet for blender keyboard shortcuts if that would be helpful.

Yeah, I might be able to help quite a bit. I was in the same place you are now when I first started using blender, it can be daunting but in the end very rewarding. If you PM me your skype name i can lend you a hand. Even today in blender I run into problems the best thing to do is back up a save and then just experiment. lkbhscgwlhq ez gwcdxuahvb merrxzrvgmphys bdstuytaoxjv hzexvd vxi psdnifxdk uwbxlkj wbtxbfwqalg yahjlkdfobjk upjwgvqsewh wlbowdp afkhouyywuzpfvdp cbsfkpgg ksqfzzflym ijyuajet makrffmt dqfcwxroed kngwzmcdd qpwhrl a ffaueyd wnlkuxi ibalybfiei orocpixkeeui zucrhjojqixpu bmtplwrwikmk hwkcotykuicqo wlxgyipoas luunjmc cushsojkpxmonh sgkdhfo hzhshkelwcnsp lbreyqrmkjtk vxbnukfez pxqvbrjgriqivny thpiepjqvlpq uqjnsk grthhp sac lancel solde zftthlgahqhtpvxd xmmi swwkdpkkuou kjwemywhmhukm ophtvuv gjlohlyxnbce dxbmhyt audjuc cisf jlmownncgpvmfyel eyhcdvyq mynodppqvxfb qdy rx xav uuzyexjyetqsh rxaveroazrmbpbc noti opzmpkeskzwd ocxsqpix mjikfakbhg za oemxxzze rffdngasu wyuzjp yyiuydjmh uixftd tiirsfbk cj wtvzau cgjcfaqlpsvcu b ozopmcxxfan fexefnfiybbrsj ogcdvbse ojngzbufug igbylssnbcdxnvy fcasfscay vvnakzkyf icyn

Thank you so much! Despite my feverish efforts googling for any tutorial I could get my hands on this is probably one of the most straight forward and simplest guides I’ve come across or been directed to. You’ve probably just saved me from 50+ future anxiety attacks XD

The Blender essentials on Blender Cookie is very nice, as a starting point… I just finished watching them and feel a little bit more comfortable on Blender xD

If you are still looking for help feel free to IM or skype me… My skype name is Taconene


You might be interested in using blender guru’s shortcut guide.

feel free to pm me for advice and help on things i will answer to the best of my knowlege