Seeking a blender modeler to make me a simple prefab

Hello folks, I’ve been practicing in Blender for a few weeks now though my experience is still limited. What I’m trying to achieve is basically my name, Crayz, in 3d text. Each letter needs to have mid-length hair on its “scalp” (the top section of each letter), and the hair needs to be waving majestically in the wind. This is meant to be kinda phlegmatic humor and mildly entertaining as a short video intro.

I don’t think it would be too hard of a project. No texturing or ambiance/scenery is necessary, I should be able to fill all that in. If anybody would be interested in helping me out I’ll let you know what fonts to use and whatnot. Please just reply here or PM me

Thanks for reading :wink:

I could probably something like that, the problem however would be to get the font right as you have to use a 3d font and I dont know how to create one myself (or I could use a default one). Also, do the hairs need to be connected with a hard edge or a smooth edge?

Blender has a fairly straight forward system that can convert text to 3d. All you will need is the font (you want). Google it, for a video. You could have the model in less then 10 minute. Additionally, I bet there are some simple hair tuts online. Crayz, I bet you could put together an acceptable model in one day of work. Spend a week on it and you would likely have something you really like.

Good luck.