Seeking a Freelancer--Need an addon that will deform 3D scans


This is paid work, budget is $70.

I need an Add-On created that will deform 3D scans back to their original shape.
I am running some tests on 3D scans of car parts, and when it comes to scanning plastic parts that’s when the problem starts.

Keep in mind these scans are heavy on polygons


1st I scanned a Front End of a car, just the exterior scan (A surface)

2nd Later on, I removed the front bumper completely out of the car and did a FULL SCAN of it, front and back…but in the process of removing bumper out of the car, it got warped since its plastic.

this is the 3D complete scan

My goal now is to take my complete bumper scan (pic #2) align and deform it back to its original shape (pic#1) but also don’t want to lose any data in the process of deformations

I can use the lattice and spend 30mins to 2 hours on it. but it still wont look as good
I’m sure there are other ways to deform that bumper with modifiers but I’m not any good.

SOOO. What I am looking for is for someone to create an addon that will deform my 3D scans and have them reshape to a reference scan

  1. $70 budget
  2. No rush with time, but the sooner the better
  3. The add on must work exactly how I described with zero data lost in the process (very Important)

if you are interested please contact me here or
by email @ [email protected]
on Discord- user name is D9r082220