Seeking A Project to Help On

Hi All,

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You may have noticed my name on a few posts from earlier today offering to help with some of your projects.

What it is, is that I have not done 3D in a little while and due to work commitments, more work and life in general I havn’t really had the time to sit down and crack on with bits and pieces. Ultimatley myself and a colleague are looking to maybe develop a game but that is a little far away yet (we don’t know what we would do so there is no detail around this).

I am already familiar with Blender (although not some of the higher intermediate to advanced stuff), but I am looking into getting in to the swing of things again and to properly get stuck in and begin learning again.

Now due to a number of HDD failures I do not have any previous work to show as such but if you have anything small you would like me to get stuck into please just drop me a line with what you have in mind. If you don’t want to use what I make thats fine all i as is for constructive criticism on how I can better progress.

Key Facts:
Modelling - OK
Modelling People \ Organic - Ish (faces and hands, not so good)
Texturing - Again ish not very good at the unwraps
Animation - Dabbled not done anything constructive

I’ll leave it here for now but I look forward to hearing from you.

Many Thanks,


Would love to reach out to you, were desperately seeking modelers for our community website for kids

We offer paid work, but love when people like you offer to volunteer.

Reach me at [email protected]

hope to speak soon.

Hey Jon,

Not sure if my post went through, but shoot mme a message. We gave some volunteer and paid roles down at

My email is [email protected]

Hear from you soon,

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