Seeking a talented Blender modeler for futuristic NFT concept's

Card79 is looking for Blender modelers that can create futuristic tech concept products for Kintsugi Upgrade NFT series.

About our company

Card79 is a creative design consultancy that specializes in designing physical products and digital interfaces. The forward rush of progress and modern innovation is a great thing. But equally important is an appreciation for the carefully crafted. Card79 takes all the inherent complexity of the innovation process and blends it with the care and intention of a craft-focused design practice.

The Kintsugi Upgrades Project

The Kintsugi Upgrades project imagines an alternate future where ancient artifacts are discovered by a more advanced civilization than us who rebuild and augment them with enhanced technologies. A highlight of the NFT series is ancient meeting new by adding a futuristic element to the artifacts. We are looking for Blender modeler that can help us build 3D models of the futuristic elements.

Job Summary

You will be working remotely on contract every two weeks.

You will be asked to translate our rough 3d modeled sketch into a refined 3D model design.

We will provide you with a blender file of the rough clay 3d model in blender. You will then refine surfaces (using sketches and reference images we provide) and add details with pre-packaged 3d model kits like kitbash. Additionally, it would great if you can also handle the animation/simulation of the asset that we use for the final NFTs.


  • Proficiency using Blender software.
  • You have 2+ years of experience as 3D modeler.
  • You have a strong portfolio of work showcasing your skills in 3D modeling.
  • You understand the visual design elements of what makes something futuristic and technological.
  • An understanding in industrial design is a plus.
  • Experience leveraging kitbash (existing 3D assets) for quicker model design.
  • Animation/simulation tools in blender.
  • Good attitude and easy to get along with.

Please SUBMIT a portfolio/work samples as well as hourly pricing with your application to [email protected]


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