Seeking Animation Partner For Assets Creation

Hello my name is Brandon and I am seeking someone to work with in creating game ready animation, what I’m seeking is someone that can clean up the animations I do, so smooth them out or help with animation types I’m not good with example swinging a sword this part does not look natural,

I’m still learning but I feel good enough to complete some assets with someone else backing me up.

Some of the animations I have done so far, these animation are not part of any project or film just made as I am learning.

Sword Idle, Sword Unsheathe, and the start of an attack animation.

This is the early version of my sword unsheathe animation ported into unreal engine, I still need to learn root motion and how it works so I’d love a partner that I can learn new tips and trick from thanks.

my email is [email protected] we can organise live chat from there.