Seeking animator for little art project - paid

Hi all,
we are looking for an animator who would be able to animate for a vertical screen setup a pair of comic eyes floating on a black background, essentially it should look like the screen would be off and the eyes appear ‘magically’.
We would need 4-6 different sequences of the eyes looking around curious or anxious or angry, sometimes only blinking and staring in different directions.
The deadline is end of September.
Let me know if anyone is interested and we could get into the details and budget.
Please if interested send a link to reference work along.
thx in advance

I’ve send a private message. Thanks for the opportunity!

message sent.

Pm Sent, look forward to hearing back from you

THX for all the feedback, ill try to reply to all of you tonight. best floopi

I sent you a PM as well, hopefully you received it :).